Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ivy is smitten; in love; giddy; thrilled; to have a baby brother.
(by the way- I have no recollection of the rules associated with using a semi-colon.  my blog: my punctuation.)  

So, in an attempt to answer some of the commonly asked, post-birth, questions.  I'll start with:
How does [do] Ivy (and Asher) like having a baby brother? 
(punctuation with parenthesis and brackets and a regular colon: same problem)

As I was saying, Ivy is smitten. 
She loves to hold, kiss, point out all his facial features/ body parts, use words like "nice" and "soft" when talking to him, and immediately run to his rescue the second she hears a peep of a cry.  All of it has been so cute and very fun to watch.  She's also very excited and helpful when it comes to diaper changes.

the not so helpful stuff (ie somewhat dangerous). She wants to push him "high" in his swing. She tries to give him his binky (pacifier, dummy, whatever you call it) and holds it in his mouth until he starts sucking.  Sometimes he's crying hard, squirming away and she holds it with persistence.  We will keep a closer eye on that.  And, as I said before she loves to hold him but often when her time is up, she won't let go.  I'm sure I will notice many more things as time goes on.  So far I'm only on day 2 without another adult to keep an eye on Ivy and Canyon with me.  

Asher loves his brother, thinks it's cool we have a baby, laughs at his funny faces, and tells his friends and teachers that he has a brother.  However, right now it's pretty much a hug and kiss and maybe holding him every now and then.  He's not nearly as interested as Ivy.  I think it's a gender thing more than an age thing, but I could be wrong.  

Asher doesn't call him C3PO much anymore.  Usually "Canyon" or "baby" or "he" as in "why is he crying?"
Ivy calls him "Canyon", but it sounds more like "Tanny"  "Canny" or "Candy".  I'm sure he'll love to be called "Candy" in oh say 16 years.


  1. Toria- it is so amazing to see how much Ivy has grown since the last time I saw her! I wish we could be there to see everyone and help out a little. Maybe Dan will get an internship in Dubai?! I am so glad everything went well with the birth and C to the 3rd Power is healthy(Dan and I thought of that nickname for him). Love you guys.

  2. I love all the pictures!

    After seeing the boys more than once with a new baby I definitely think that it's a gender thing. I think Mr. M has held Honey like twice since birth. And Miss A holds him daily and kisses him about every hour. It's good to have a big sister around (most of the time!).

  3. Cute cute pictures. Love the love.

    I remember Taylor wanted me to take Talia back to the doctor when we brought her home from the hospital. When we brought Toria and Tessa home Talia was like a mini-mom.

  4. hey! i meant to tell you, we're going to be in israel and jordan in may. wanna come visit?

  5. Yay for the little momma! :)
    Lucy has that dress on the top, right too. Let's take a picture of them and photo shop it together like they are twins :)

  6. Toria!

    First off... Happy Birthday today! I have absolutely loved reading your blog and Canyon is adorable. Congratulations! I can't wait to go back to previous posts and read more. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you today! I love you and miss you!


  7. Happy Birthday Toria! I hope the kids and John have something great up their sleeves to celebrate.