Wednesday, December 10, 2008

shortest, youngest and still seen and heard

I've probably been thinking about Asher and the primary program every since he was born, or at least since the primary program 2 years ago in Cambridge when Asher was still sitting on our lap and we were all thoroughly entertained by the small, confident, grown up tie wearing boy named Finn.  I couldn't get over how cute he looked up there and how small he looked compared to the other kids "his age".  Then I talked to his mom and realized that Finn, like our Asher, is a December birthday making him almost a year younger than some of the other Sunbeams AND his parents (like John and me) are also not too tall-hence he even looked the youngest.  

I then realized that our Asher would be doing the same thing in just two short years (probably looking just as small, and hopefully singing just as confidently).
That day came last Friday- and I was so proud of my little guy and touched by his confidence and Spirit.  
Asher sat front and center flanked by his two (taller) buddies Jack and Quinn.  They were joined by one other girl and began the whole program by singing the first verse of "I am a Child of God" all by themselves- just the four of them.

"I am a child of God, and He has sent me here
has given me and earthly home with parents [that's me] kind and dear".  

Just thinking about it now gets my throat swollen and my tear ducts going again, much like they did the minute he started singing.  It was so sweet. The other primary kids joined in for the chorus and the second verse. I knew I was in for a treat the rest of the meeting.  After the song Asher sat down again, looked at me, smiled big and gave me the thumbs up.  He was just as proud of himself as I was of him.  
He knew and sang all of the songs (except for the hard one about baptism)
He said his one line into the microphone without help (although he said it so fast, I think only I understood).
He got a little silly at times, but for the most part folded his arms and stood to sing when he was supposed to and usually gave me a little thumbs up after finishing each one.  For some songs he even moved his body to the music a little, some might call it dancing.  The kid has rhythm.  

I am so glad Asher loves going to church and attending Primary.  I'm happy he has friends and teachers there that love him and care about him, I'm happy that he is learning about Jesus and Heavenly Father and I am so happy {that happy isn't even the right word} to be his Mom!

I'm already looking forward to next years program.

*I planned on taking a picture of Asher (and Ivy) before church, but ran out of time and forgot my camera.  We had a potluck after church and since church is from 1-4 it was dark when we got home.  


  1. You are on a roll with all these posts.

    Isn't the primary program the best meeting of the whole year? WTG Asher!

  2. I love little boys in ties. Asher reminds me a lot of Dallas, good boys, fun moms, thumbs up and all.

  3. The primary program always makes me teary-eyed. I don't it will change even when we don't have our own up there. I can't even imagine how Abel will be next year...good to hear his twin did so well; I have hope. :)

  4. Asher is SO handsome in this pic!
    I wanna buy a tie for Charles too!