Monday, October 27, 2008

the writing on the walls

A couple weeks ago we got a big shipment of our stuff from the U.S.  In it I asked my mom to get some "essentials" that I couldn't find in stores over here.  Boy did she pull through! What did I ask for?  What did she include, well, item amongst the goodies was a box of magic eraser sponges (yes, cleaning supplies- and I was excited).  Finally I was able to clean the walls (we had dry erase marker that wouldn't erase, pink highlighter, and a host of other artistic smudges). 

I love the magic erasers (and I love some of the other goodies from our package a lot more, but will mention them in due time.)

since my kids are fond of artwork, and I am fond of letting them explore their artistic talents, I decided to dedicate a wall specifically for drawing on.  
I found some chalkboard paint and last week I painted one of the playroom walls with it, then I bought a big box of chalk at IKEA. 

So far so good- the kids love it and if in the future they get chalk elsewhere, I can get it clean with or without my magic erasers.  I have also kept a closer eye on our markers and usually just keep them out of Ivy's hands, even if they are washable. 

I think I have my mom to thank for this idea too- when I was little she painted the back of our bedroom door with chalkboard paint and I remember it fondly. 

thanks mom!


  1. i've always wanted to do this but our walls are textured-doesn't work too well. i too have to keep the markers and crayons out liza's reach.

  2. Great idea Toria. Your kids are too cute. Hope you are feeling well!

  3. love the magic erasers! Are you worried they will think they can draw on any wall, or do they get that they can just do it on the one wall?

  4. I think because the rest of the walls are white and the chalkboard is navy blue, the kids realize that it's different and the only wall they should draw on. I also purchased a big white board for the playroom wall, but have since hung it in the kitchen because although both kids had fun drawing on it, Ivy usually walked away without putting the cap on her marker or accidently writing on the wall as she walked with her hand out. Now it's used as our family calendar and I let Asher draw on it when Ivy is asleep or otherwise occupied.

  5. Man, you are so lucky your kids don't put things in their mouths. Lucy STILL finds big chunks of sidewalk chalk on the playground and comes over to me with it frothing out of her mouth! That looks so fun, maybe when these guys grow up and maybe if the next one doesn't have such an oral fixation... :)

  6. Such a cute idea! I definitely need to try that one. Your kids are getting so big and Ivy's hair is sure getting long and cute- it looks like Asher's did when he was her age. I hope you're surviving pregnancy and doing well.

  7. Fun idea! I've used those magic erasers that work great, but they've still taken off some of the paint.
    Do you know when your coming home for Christmas, we were talking today with Dawn, Nancy, Tami and Mandy and are trying to plan a big get together.

  8. I did that in our house back in North Carolina, and we all LOVED it! I don't think the kids ever drew on other walls with the chalk, because, like you said, it looked different. Something else that was fun was that I painted it with magnetic paint--our fridge was stainless steel and therefore not magnetic, and that gave us someplace for artwork, etc. I did it under the chalkboard paint, though. Your kids are so cute! Oh, and I love magic erasers, too--they're right up there with clorox disinfectant wipes in my book. :)