Friday, October 24, 2008

all girl

About a week before Ivy was born one of my very thoughtful. very stylish, very fun friends, sent me a little package.  It contained a tiny, oh so cute, handmade beaded bracelet and teeny tiny white satin shoes.  The note attached said something like: 

" girl Clason needs to know that unlike her brother, she must be accessorized"

Anyone who met Ivy in those early months knows that I often entertained myself by doing just that- playing dress up with my little girl.  

However, she got mobile, I got lazy, and the bows and shoes were really only musts for church (and other outings)- until lately, now she's reminding me, even if it is, just to play in the playroom, welcome home dad or pick up her brother from school.

Ivy is discovering her own style and way of dressing up and accessorizing (as I alluded to in the previous post). 
So without further ado (sorry it's taken me two weeks to update my blog), here's some photos of her caught in the moment.

 her brother's stay on much better than mom and dad's (although she has tried)
she often walks around for hours in one shoe (not her own)
and one of her first words was "shoe"

these were at my latest Dr. appt. while waiting for the Doc to come check on us

also one of her first words- she often wears her helmet for a good amount of time indoors.  purely an accessory because her bike is outside.

I only have this one shot of her with her backpack that I had to purchase because
a) I thought it was so CUTE and 
b) her insistence on carrying Asher's whenever we picked him up or dropped him off at school.
she is also seen sporting a ladybug backpack, a purse she took from my sister,  
and Asher's lunchbox.

she learned to wear them in the pool, but she often pulls them out of the swim bag and wears them deflated around the house.

No photos of her in jewelry, shirts for necklaces (she's cool like that) or helping with laundry by putting her dad's socks on (legs and arms).


  1. It has been so long since I have seen her. I can't believe how big she is.

    I can't wait to meet this new more grown up Ivy at Christmas!

  2. The picture in the baseball cap looks just like her Aunt Cat!!!

  3. she is cute enough to pull of any look!

  4. So dang cute I can hardly stand it! I hope Abby does funny, quirky, things like wear her bike helmet or water wings indoors. From day one she's been fine with wearing headbands and hats so I'm hoping she'll be fashion forward with her accessories. :) Love you lots and can't wait to see your Halloween costumes, whatever they are!

  5. I love kids when they start things like that! Kayla loves trying to put on Camryn's underwear.

  6. Cute post! Girls are so fun, I love it.

  7. I have to are so in for it! I have a hard time with Ellie, but think Ivy look's like she would be tough competition! Aren't girls fun?

  8. a girl after my own heart...:)

  9. It's so funny how they show such personality at such a young age. She is truly "all girl"- and such a cute one!