Monday, June 23, 2008

some perspective

You want to see more pictures of Dubai?

Are they really building _(fill in the blank)__?
What's it like over there?

Here's a taste of what we see on a daily basis (or at least every time we leave our house).  I took the camera with us when we took John to work one morning.  Asher also joined in the fun and took pictures from his point of view on the way home from shopping, I think you can tell which photos he took, although it doesn't really matter. There really is construction going on everywhere with a little desert oasis here and there of finished work (with a construction vehicle or crane or empty dirt lot, right next to it).  Maybe this will make up for posting pictures of the beach while some of you were still enduring snow! 


  1. very interesting. I was actually wondering if you could do a little PR work while you're over there and tell those Arabs that oil prices are too high. It would really help out the economy and your fellow man. Think of the children Toria, now go get em! What kind of gas prices do you pay anyway? I bet you get some sort of discount being so close and all. In fact that is probably why you moved there, cheap gas, well thanks a lot.

  2. I bet Asher loves seeing all the big trucks! Go Ivy on the walking!

  3. Hey Toria, I'm sure you don't remember meeting me before you had any children. You and John were at the Ashland chapel one Sunday years ago when I happened to be visiting. I think you guys were in the Bay area at the time. I love your blog and am trying to make mine more like yours. How do you get your photos to make this great 12 image collage thingy? You don't by chance Skype do you? I can't seem to get my photos to do anything other than right, left or center. I'm rather new and nerdy at this blog stuff, but I want to learn. If it's too much bother then please don't feel at all obligated. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.
    ~Melanie Beal

  4. Toria its jody zimmer, dans little brother. Just wanted to let you know how jealous i am that your in dubai. I'm studying architecture right now at byu idaho and i alway shave to check on what dubais next big plans are. i just did a research paper on them last semster. I hear your recruiting for some more amercians to move over there. do they offer any interniship for architecture or construction management students. i would love to do an internship over there. let me know it you have any information. i would love to come add to your american clan over there. here's is my email, if you get the chance i would love to hear back from you. Thanks. hope your loving it over there.

  5. How did you get your pictures arranged in a grid like that?? I really need to know!