Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tallest Building

in the world! 

*sidenote:  I'm sorry to myself and to anyone else that cares, that I have been a bad blogger lately.  I have been neglecting my personal journal as well and a lot of other things that I shouldn't neglect, but hopefully I'm getting back on the right track.

since some of you want to know more about Dubai and some of you just want to see pictures of the kids, here is a little bit of both.

Asher and Ivy love to build.  This is a shot of the "so TALL" tower that Asher and I built while Ivy was napping. Asher is very particular about how to build -either that or he's just bossy (he doesn't care much for arranging colors, but every other aspect is important) Ivy loves to play with the blocks too (I'm surprised and amazed by her dexterity- she really can build and play with the blocks and she is very patient and intent.  She also loves to try to screw the lids onto water bottles and is equally intense in her focus).  Asher is ready to go even higher next time.  

* another sidenote: I highly recommend mega blocks as toys for your kids.  Asher and Ivy both love them.

If you haven't heard- Dubai likes to build the "biggest, best and most unusual".  There's an indoor ski resort, man-made islands in the shapes of palm trees, maps of the world and universe,  and more, including: the tallest building in the world- the Burj Dubai. Now that we have moved we take a different route to church and we drive by the Burj Dubai on the way.  Asher always points out the "tallest building in the whole world" (you tell him something one time- and usually it's written to memory).  It's not finished yet and I haven't gone to see it up close so no I didn't take this birds eye view shot.  I think the tower will have apartments, hotel, office space and retail.  Can you imagine?  I mean- a view like that from an airplane, helicopter or even a mountain top- but your apartment or office??? No thanks, I think I'll stay on the ground. 


  1. ewe, it makes me sick just seeing that picture! I feel like I'm going to fall off just looking at it. No thanks for me too, I'll take the ground. I would HATE to be a construction worker on this project. Please tell me this isn't something John's getting into . . . thanks for the updates! :)

  2. I think Asher and Dallas are a lot alike, cute and smart, and love to build. Maybe they could start a company together when they get older. I'd like to see the indoor ski resort!

  3. That picture makes me a little sick to my stomach just looking at it. You guys are having such an adventure!