Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Camp Clason

We've been in Ashland about a week and it's great! We have all stayed busy, John is applying for jobs and setting up interviews, Asher is loving all the space to run and play, all the new books that they have on their shelves, the cousins next door, the extra love and attention from Nana and Grandpa and not riding in the car every day (although he did say "let's go get in the car" for a couple of days). He also loves the sandbox that is his and his alone until Harrison, Ivy and Claire are big enough to care, he loves the little airplanes that fly so low on their landing approach, he is a little unsure about the cows that come down to eat near the neighbors yard and he has been a champ helping me with my projects. I have been busy enjoying the benefits of a well cultivated garden. Lesley and Claude (ie Nana and Grandpa) grow all sorts of things and I enjoy eating and cooking with their produce.

Last week:

  • I picked two buckets of the most delicious raspberries- we just eat them straight, they are too good by themselves to do anything to them or to last long enough that we need to.

  • I also picked two buckets of cherry tomatoes which we cut in half and dehydrated to made sun-dried tomatoes and they are delish! We have been snacking and using them on salad but I have some recipes I'm anxious to try that call for sun-dried tomatoes and if you have any, I welcome any suggestions!

  • Asher and I helped Lesley juice and can a HUGE load of tomatoes TWICE. The canning part is new to me and the juicing part is just messy and fun. the juice is mostly for Claude, he loves it.

  • John and I picked about 100lbs of pears at the Medford pear orchards. I had to go experience what pear picking was all about since I've heard stories of the many service hours each of my in-laws have spent there. We had a great time and spent $4 for all those pears. (no misprint just ridiculously cheap). So far, I have made 2 batches of dried pears and they are pretty tastey.

  • We spent two enjoyable evenings hanging out with the Johnsons/ Woodleys. Such fun friends and it's so great to see the kids becoming friends as well. Asher loves the older girls!

  • John and I went on a date to see Hairspray while Nana and Grandpa watched the kids- thank you! (and I downloaded the sountrack the next day).
  • and the weather has been gorgeous and we love hanging around outside every evening minus last Thursday when there was crazy rain and marble size hail with the power going out twice. Wild!
We're staying busy, learning and enjoying Camp Clason. It's great, Come visit!!!!


  1. Hey Toria,
    Got your email and I'm sooo glad you have a blog! It's fun to see all the pics of your family.
    This post SO reminds me of my trips to Oregon. Every August Josh's fam gets together to pick berries and make jam. I wish we had a future trip planned but my in-laws will be moving in with us in a couple of weeks! Josh's dad's health is NOT good. So they will be living here and getting treatments (who knows how long?!).
    I can't wait to see where you guys end up- Taryn told me Dubai?? And she's off to China. What's wrong with you people? No love for the USA?
    I'd love to catch up!
    P.s. your kids are SUPER cute!

  2. Yes, we're probably off to Dubai. John and I are going next week (with Ivy too). So bummed we never connected in Ashland with the in-law thing and so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. We WILL catch up soon and I will be better about this blogging thing. I have a bunch of posts waiting to be published once get MY computer set up and upload pics.

  3. T - I am sooo jealous you juiced and canned tomatoes (with Leslie)! All your garden picks look amazing. Ivy is huge. She might squish Grant when we come. I have a couple funny stories for you - talk to you soon.

  4. Toria, I say that place looks like heaven! Are you applying for any jobs in Oregon?