Monday, August 6, 2007

Washington D.C.

So we weren't planning on heading down to our D.C. before driving north again, but once we looked at a map as we were driving to Gettysburg, we decided to go for it once we realized how close we were. My brother Drew and his wife Suzanne live there as well as the always fun Dianna. We gave both of them a call and sprung the last minute visit on both of them. Thankfully they welcomed us, even if they were a little annoyed with the short notice.

We first went to see a few monuments and had the most fun at the FDR memorial (although Asher wanted to swim in the fountains). We spent most of the day Monday at the National Zoo (it's FREE!) It was very hot and very humid, but enjoyable. Asher probably liked the subway ride just as much as the zoo although of all the animals to capture Asher's attention, we had the hardest time distracting him from the beaver exhibit, he was fascinated. Don't know whether that can be attributed to Oregon or MIT, but definitely cooler than the lions, tigers and elephants according to Asher. Ivy was a champ and pretty much slept, ate and rode happily in the stroller.

That evening, Drew cooked a delicious curry dinner while babysitting both kids so John and I could go to a movie. We saw Bourne....uh, I can't remember which Bourne it was- the new one. It was a great visit, but too short, I'm sure we'll go again. I was mostly happy that Asher ( and Ivy) are getting to know their aunts and uncles. Tuesday morning we headed towards my brother Dustin's house.


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