Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I heart the beach.

We love the beach and our friends who love to go to the beach with us. We set aside packing this afternoon and headed to Wingersheek beach one last time. Although I didn't visit very many beaches in the Boston area, I didn't need to, Wingersheek easily won me over as the best. (I guess if I didn't have to pay to park it would be better, but then it would be crowded right). We went in the afternoon and for future reference, it's the best time to go. The crowds leave, the parking rates drop, the sun isn't so hot, the dads/ husbands can come along and the tide goes out. yep, the tide going out was so cool, especially because we went clam digging. Had I not been packing up the apartment to move in 2 days, I may have kept the clams and attempted to make some clam chowdah- John's favorite! The beach is even better with good friends like the Lows, Frandsens and Lewis'. We will miss you guys....TONS!

as a side note. I took my blog entry title from Anna who said it first. Thanks Anna we heart you too.

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