Thursday, July 26, 2007


All theses were due on Friday so Saturday we all had to celebrate . It's been a busy and wonderful year. This is a photo of John and his class. (some are missing, but it was a good turn out). We made some great friends and wish there was more days times like these throughout the year. I guess that wouldn't be school though right?


Saturday we went to a beach house in Maine. It was beautiful. The kids were great and well behaved and Asher even took a nap during dinner which allowed us to socialize and eat a little more freely. The hardest part of the whole evening was stearing clear of the Harry Potter conversation because I haven't finished the book yet! I thought they were all busy writing their theses. When did they have time for HP in the past week???

We had lobster for dinner and despite my aversion to seafood, I must admit, it tasted delish! The weather was a little bit of everything, thankfully the worst of it was the pouring rain before we arrived and we were able to stay outside all afternoon and into the evening. We played on the beach, ate and had a bonfire to close out the night. John had a great class, lots of really cool people who we both enjoyed as well as som great spouses and girlfriends/ boyfriends. Asher's favorites are Patrick and Tony. Some classic Asher lines:

me: "Asher, guess who's coming home on friday?" (John had been in China for 2 weeks)

Asher: "Patrick?!?!"


Asher: "Ducks names is Quack, Knack, Lack, Owack, Patrick......" (when referring to all of the ducks in the Childrens story "Make Way for Ducklings.)

Thank you Patrick and Kristin for planning and hosting and loving Asher!
Now we know why Maine is dubbed "Vacationland" We'll vacation there anytime!

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