Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ivy's party

you know that Journey song- "Don't Stop Believing" that's enjoying a second life because of GLEE?

It's called "justa small town grill" around our house (and car)
and it's a sing-along/ karaoke/ dance favorite for all.

Ivy just about cried when she asked me to play
"small town gourl {grill/ girl}" over and over and her birthday party until I finally figured out what song she was requesting.
Unfortunately I didn't have it on the i-pod we were using that night.
Fortunately, the i-pod has been properly synced and the dance playlist updated.

She is hilarious this girl.

She had a great, low-key birthday party with a handful of families from church and the neighborhood, that we love.
We ate dinner by the pool,
squirted water-cannons (the party favor),
pretended to take lots of pictures (I didn't have a memory card in my camera and didn't realize it until after most of the party was over and she had blown out the candles. I was just snapping away for nothing- so sad),
and danced.

and she was spoiled with all sorts of girly things.

I came home and updated her dance playlist (fixed the i-pod glitches)
and to thank everyone for the gifts and the fun- I burned a CD of our kids' dance playlist that she will give to her friends when she sees them this week (if you're local and reading this- act surprised)

in case you're wondering what makes my kids get their groove on

here are the some of the songs on the kids playlist- these are the ones I put on the CD (in alphabetical order- although I didn't put them on the CDs that way):

Bop til you Drop -random kids mix
the Boys are Back- HSM3
Don't Stop Believing- GLEE
Dancing Queen- ABBA
Finger in the Air- random kid mix
Forever- Chris Brown
Freeze- again from the random kid mix
Funkytown- Alvin and Chipmunks
Honey, Honey- ABBA
I Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas
Knock on Wood- Studio Group
Kung Fu Fighting- Cee-Lo & Jack Black
Life is a Highway- Rascal Flatts
Love it when you Call- the Feeling
Night to Remember- HSM3
Party in the U.S.A.- Miley Cyrus
Sweet Caroline- GLEE
You Belong with Me- Taylor Swift

some aren't necessarily dance songs, but they are highly requested in the car so I included them.

any dance favorites around your house or in your car, that I should add?

Ivy savoring the last moments of her party before we cleaned out of the pool house and walked home.

oh, one more sidenote: I finally had to carry a screaming Ivy away and up to bed. It was late and she was getting irrational with her new toys and her brothers. She kept crying that she didn't feel good, her head hurt, he's not sharing, it's mine, etc.
I told her she must be tired from such a long birthday and to just lay down and rest and I would lay with her.
she just cried and cried and said "but i don't want my birthday to be over!"
it was sad.
and there was a part of me that was ready to plan one more party just so she could celebrate one more day.


  1. TC-look at you with the cake pops! I love it. And who knew you could get Glee in Dubai, we love that song too. In face we've got a lot of the songs you have on our iPod as well. Happy Birthday Ivy!

  2. That is hilarious, she can already appriciate a good celebration! Thanks for the dance tunes, we need some!

  3. Songs we like to sing and dance to at our house:
    Tutti Fruiti (sp?)- Greta says, "I gotta gal named Sue", Evan says, "Tutti Fruiti on rootie"
    Witch Doctor- as in, I told the witch doctor, I was in love with you...he said, OOO EEE OOO AH AH!...
    Doo doo doo dah dah dah- The Police
    Mahna Mahna- a nonsense song performed by the Muppets (and the a capella group Inside Out)

    Hmm- do we have a theme going here?