Saturday, April 11, 2009

30 something....

parallel lives
30 years
30 days
and about 
30 hours apart.

d.o.b.: 11 march 1977
d.o.b.: 11 april 2007

There are times when I see how similar we are, and I smile or laugh in understanding and connecting with my kindred spirit. 
Other times I see the similarities to her father or other family members, and I smile and laugh at those times too.
but sometimes I approach friends and family questioning: "was/is your daughter ever like this?" because I need answers.
I really do love all those times.
Because Ivy makes me smile, and laugh and shows me just how much she's a one-of-a-kind little girl.
She's Ivy.
and she's enjoying a wonderful birthweek as the celebrations continue, so am I.

Happy Easter too!


  1. That is really touching, and she is so cute. Cool cake, too.

  2. What a cute idea! I love the cakes, both of them, and how cute are you and Ivy, so cute. I need another kid and a photo of me at two with a bunny cake and then I'm totally going to copy you. Love it!

  3. I love the pictures! Reminds me of when I had a bunny cake as a little girl. One of the many cool things about having your birthday around Easter!

  4. I love love love this! I love that feeling when you're completely connected with your child, and I love that you have pictures to prove it! Beautiful, Toria!

  5. Sometimes I look at Tessa and see all my sisters and myself in her and am absolutely amazed. How does that happen? And when she gives me a Scott expression, I am tickled.

    Love the pictures and the twin cakes. How fun for Ivy to have you as her mother.

  6. SO CUTE!

    Did you make that cake? I think you did. It's on your cutting board. How did you do it?

  7. I love that you made a matching cake!!!

  8. thanx for the compliments everyone.
    Kathi- I used two pyrex bowls and a couple cupcakes.
    frosted with the star shaped tip.
    Watch for a follow-up soon. I will attempt to explain more thoroughly.

  9. I love that you did the same cake as yours!! You are super mom!! And I love that I can see you in her and you in your 2 year old picture. Very cute!! I need some of your cake making skills over here. Lately we are very boring and get the ones from the grocery store. Darcy

  10. Love the cake. You are so cute and amaze me Toria.

  11. SUCH darling pictures and awesome cakes!!!

  12. You are so talented,Toria!
    cute Bunny cake,cute little you and Ivy!!