Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ivy's birthday continued.

Since Ivy's birthday fell on the Sabbath (Friday), we went to church in the afternoon and had dinner and birthday cake later that night.  We invited a family we met at church who have 3 kids who Asher loves (6mon. boy, 4yr old girl, 6 yr old boy) and a family we met down at the hotel pool with a 15 month old boy.  Because of my lack of kitchen pans (we're waiting for our stuff to arrive), I made cupcakes inside ice cream cones (thanks Dawn, I remember seeing your pictures).  The kids loved it and it ended up being the best choice for Ivy as well.  The cake was, of course, double D (deceptively delicious). 


 I let Asher pick out a gift for her and he chose pastel mega blocks.  I realize that he was probably more excited about the gift than she was, but he hasn't complained when she knocks over his towers since she's "sharing" her blocks, and she really does like playing with them.  Admittedly, there was a bit of self interest on my part in encouraging Asher to give Ivy the blocks because he has been very into his blocks lately (they were in storage ever since we left Boston- genius trick for getting kids to like old toys) and now there are more things for me to help him build since we have twice as many blocks!  Yippee!
In addition she got a baby doll which she loves (not pictured), special shoes for the sandy beach and for crawling on the pool deck (see below if you look closely) and this cute little beach towel. They were super cheap at the grocery store and they're great  I know, a bit tacky (with the face on the hood, but you can't see that in the picture), but very functional. Ivy has a ballerina and Asher has an Arabian knight (I think).

Our friends who came to dinner, made her this very cute pillow.
 She mentioned that they brought a gift, that it was nothing Ivy would get excited about and that it was more for me. Ivy loves it!  I was so happy that she proved our friend wrong and nuzzled right into it the minute we gave it to her! I was also impressed that our guests even brought gifts, I invited them the day of!

We continued the festivities with some family time at the beach on Saturday.  Asher wanted to take Ivy's candle and I thought it appropriate to put it at the top of his sand creation!

We love Miss Ivy.  Her first year has flown by.  Here's a little more about her and what she's doing these days if you're still reading.  I know, mostly for grandparents.
  • she loves her brother still and laughs at all his silliness.  However, she has learned to hold her own and hold on tight if he tries to take things from her.  We are proud of her feisty-ness.
  • she in very outgoing.  she crawls to go meet other babies and kids on her level and then sits up and just stares or giggles or tried to poke their eyes out. She also reaches out to let other adults hold her and is a favorite of the hotel staff.
  • she loves to wave "bye bye" although she does it with the palm facing in (sort of like popcorn popping, or a little like the sign language for bottle/ milk).  She also says "bye bye"
  • she picks up the cell phone or calculator, or anything resembling and says "heh- wo".  She also does it when she hears a phone ring.
  • she loves water; the bath, the pool, the ocean, drinking out of a cup and spilling most of it down her belly.  she just loves it.
  • she sleeps about 12 hrs/ night and takes 2 naps/ day.  
  • she drinks out of a bottle, but refuses to eat pureed foods (and has been this way for a few months). She shakes her head and tightens her lips when she doesn't want something.
  • she stands holding onto things and occasionally on her own.  No interest in walking yet.
  • every once in a while she likes to cuddle, but she loves to just lounge on my lap, facing out and drinking a bottle or just soaking everything in if she's tired.
  • she is wonderful!
We love her and we know she especially misses her grandparents because she gets so excited when she sees their pixelated faces on the computer screen or hears their voices on the phone!  She was also excited to get her present in the mail from Nana. I was excited too, because it only took 10 days to get to us and that was regular airmail (which wasn't too pricey). Thanks Nana and Grandpa!  I'm pretty sure she also misses her cousins and wishes she was there to teach them how to be ONE, since they will both be celebrating their big birthdays in the next few weeks!


  1. She is so adorable! We miss you all so much. I can't believe she talks! (a little). Haha. Love you all!

  2. We do need Ivy here to teach Harrison how to be ONE! We miss you guys, I am so glad she had a wonderful birthday - what a doll!

  3. T-I've loved reading all your updates since you arrived in Dubai. I'm anxious to hear even more about how you're doing and how you're liking your new home. I love you super much!

  4. You definitely need to keep those towels, those are awesome and you don't see anything like those here! Very creative with the cupcake in the icecream cone!

  5. Oh, Miss Ivy... we miss you! Claire will be ONE soon and we need you to show her the ropes. Looks like you guys are enjoying the beach and all that Dubai has to offer. Love and miss you all.

  6. Super cute. Toria, I love reading your updates. We are half a world apart, and yet thanks to blogs, I now know more what your up to.

  7. Oh my...that picture of Ivy is so darling. I can't believe these kids are growing up so fast. I'm so happy to see that you guys are having fun. We miss you.

  8. Looks like a fun party, I love the towels, too funny, and what a great pic of Ivy, she's such a cutie. Looks like you're having a great adventure, how many of us can say we lived in Dubai on our first birthday? Very cool.

  9. Your kids are adorable! What a pretty little girl.