Friday, November 19, 2010

Star Wars Halloween

I have a Star Wars loving crew in my house so my desire to have coordinating costume was fulfilled in suggesting a theme that all could get excited about (well, I guess Canyon could care less as long as it was comfortable). With limited resources for costumes and my love of homemade Halloween (thanks to my mom)- we went for it and tried not think too much about how/what/if we would have done differently (better) if we were in the U.S.

In Dubai- you make do.
and I think we did a pretty good job (if I do say so myself)

Canyon- C3Po. being the nickname I told Asher he could use when Canyon was a newborn (his initials are C.C.C.) and his copper colored hair, it seemed the perfect fit. I enjoyed the challenge of making the costume even though I think most people had no idea what/ who he was supposed to be. I intended to make shoes but ran out of time. The exposed wires at the waste and his bum were my favorite part!

Ivy's- Princess Leia a seemingly obvious choice but this is a girl who dressed as Princess Vader to go to the airplane museum, a girl who agreed with her cousin to be the Jengo to his Bobo or vice versa and who told me that "Leia doesn't use light sabers, she has a gun!"
Ivy was all on board to be princess Leia, but I had my worries that she wouldn't love the costume, wouldn't wear the wig (a modified mid-century princess wig), and would be disappointed it wasn't the fancy gold bikini Leia she suggested (a hilarious conversation I might add), but Ivy didn't disappoint. She loved her wig and her costume and loved being the Star Wars loving girl that none of her friends quite understand.

Asher had the rest of the Star Wars cast to choose from but we quickly discovered the cool costumes all required masks (Vader, Storm Troopers etc) and we didn't want to cover that cute boys face with a mask!? Plus, he wasn't all that excited about the classic Jedi attire.
at his suggestion we came up with R2 since Canyon was C3Po. The trio was complete, who is Leia without her droids anyway right?!
We were so happy with his choice- John and Asher worked hard at turning a cardboard box, duct tape and a kitchen bowl into R2D2. (we hoped to find a bigger kitchen bowl, but had to settle on that one- don't mind the pink bike helmet either)

all in all a great Halloween-(no time for costumes for John and I).

Sorry for the delay in posting- I misplaced my card-reader and just uploaded a whole bunch of photos last night!


  1. You are a woman after my own heart... I love Halloween! These costumes are FANTASTIC! I would have never attempted to make droids, and you did it perfectly.

  2. AWESOME1 thanks for sharing! homemade halloweens are the best -- one of my favorite families in the ward dressed up as a happy meal this year, complete with a hulu hoop hamburger and balloon fries!

  3. TC I'm so impressed with the costumes and the pumpkins for sale, you're certainly creating wonderful one of a kind memories for you kids, GO T!

  4. "A pretty good job." WHAT??? An AMAZING job. Love, love, love 3CPO's get up. Great job T!

  5. TC, here's a coupon code for you, maybe they'll ship to TimBuckTu!

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    click on "buy now"
    then enter JD74W54GN

    of course you could just have them ship it to your parent's house. Which by the way where is that these days? Did they move yet?

    Happy Thanksgiving!