Sunday, February 14, 2010


Asher passed out his Valentines at school today.

Ivy passed her valentines out to the teachers and some of her favorite moms.
Miss Carey, Miss Sana, Miss Emma and Lauren.
(She's not in school- but since she went for a few months in the fall- she still knows and loves some of the teachers)

I thought they turned out pretty cute.
I got the idea here.
(and saw through the miracle of blogging, that a handful of us bookmarked the same idea. great minds [copy] alike?)

I didn't do lollipops because the preschool is pretty strict with 'sweeties' (and pork and nuts)


Asher gave glow sticks ('Valentine: you make me glow'(?) )
Ivy gave balloons on a stick ('Valentine: you make me light headed'(?))

(I didn't actually add any clever puns to their Valentines either. It might have been nice- but we didn't get around to it, plus, I was thinking a lot of puns and phrases get lost in translation to all the non-native-English speakers and that's at least half the class. However, when one of the moms asked me if the glowstick 'was a sweetie?' and 'how does it work?', I thought I should have written some sort of explanation- oops)


  1. Oh those turned out great! I think your ideas were better than more sugar anyday!

    For ours, we did the lottery card scratch-off technique. Heard of that one? We used a glue dot to attach a penny on each one (instead of a "sweetie") and that way they had something to scratch off with. They were a HIT!!!

    I'll get around to posting about it someday...

  2. T - I did the exact same Valentine's for Grant and Audrey. They're awesome and so easy. Yours turned out so cute.

    I cannot believe how much Asher looks like YOU!!! Wow.

    I love the drool Valentine also - so cute.

  3. Those are so cute. I saw those in blogland too and the photoshop element scared me off.

    Your mom is adorable and I love the skirt she made Ivy. I wish my mom could sew!

  4. Wow- Amy. You must share your lottery ticket idea with blogland.
    Anna- I had a feeling you were doing these when I saw Audrey with the fist full of suckers.
    Brooke- you're hilarious. I don't have photoshop either (but I want to get it and learn it- I think) I used powerpoint and then saved it as a jpeg.

  5. So cute! And I did see like 50 different people do these, and was wondering where everyone got the idea. Haha!