Monday, November 16, 2009

same but different-treats


We hosted a bunch of friends at our house on Halloween for pre-trick-or-treating dinner and socializing.
Then we headed out in the neighborhood.
Some houses had their halloween decor, bowl full of treats and porch light on.
had their porch light on, and scrambled to find whatever goodies were in their cupboard because they really wanted to participate (jelly do-nut? fruit? handful of mini marshmallows?)
However, many in our neighborhood had candy, went all out on decor, and were prepared.
it was a lot of fun
and the candy bags were full
the pickings were slim for us parents
not a lot of the chocolate stuff
and absolutely none of the chocolate peanut, as in Reese's, mini-snickers, good stuff.


  1. These will all make for great stories for your children for the rest of their lives when they can say, "When I was young and lived in Dubai..." My Dad always has comments like that from Kuwait and then everyone will think they are mysterious and smart.

  2. Love your new blog! I miss the old halloween parties you used to host at your house. When we'd all show up without a costume to hang out, eat some munchies, watch a movie etc. Your cute mom would always say "it's Halloween! You have to dress up!" And magically produce 15 costumes so that everyone was dressed up. Good times. I guess you're still playing host. Good for you! I love that about you.