Thursday, June 11, 2009

camel- icious

also available in chocolate, strawberry and saffron? (and maybe more, but that's all our store carries)
For some reason I can't bring myself to drink it.  When (if) I do, I'll let you know if it's -icious!
and strawberry and chocolate- I can understand, but saffron???


  1. I got the chills when I saw this - I couldn't drink it either.

    Love all the camel posts!

  2. that seems wrong somehow like milking the cat in Meet the Parents...

  3. I think you should try it. Come on, be adventurous.

    Or better yet, make your kids try it. Just tell them it's regular milk and see how they like it. Be sure to film their reactions.

    The saffron flavor seems kind of appealing to me. I am imagining a sort of horchata rice drink with saffron and it sounds kind of good - a savory drink, not a sweet one.

  4. Toria,
    I have been thinking back to a post long ago about John being a top secret spy. If you want to join him in world class espionage you need to fully emerse yourself in the culture...try staring with camel smoothies. That sounds like it would be right up John's alley.


  5. BLERG! No way. I can't even drink rice or soy milk--forget camel.

    Lance wants to drink it. Maybe we'll fly on over for some "camel goodness"