Friday, February 6, 2009

stop the presses!

first photo- minute after birth, under the warming lights

We changed the name of our little man.
Brady was cute.  
When combined with our last name, it had a nice ring to it. 
Asher liked the name too and felt like he picked it (although, he would often get confused and say he liked the name "Haiti" so take his opinion for what it's worth).  
I was having trouble connecting.  I tried to give it time, but Brady just seemed like someone else's baby.  
Maybe because,
We know a few Brady's,
friends, kids of our friends, or siblings of friends.
Of course, 
all the Bradys I know of are cute kids.  
Great personalities.
I felt hopeful and confident that Brady was a good name for a boy because there are some great boys named Brady.
But, like I said, it just wasn't my boy.  
I tried to give it time.
I blamed it on our last minute choosing of it and a little bit of the baby blues.
I ignored it and let everyone else spread the news of the baby name.  
I enjoyed the blog comments and compliments on the name too (thanks)
for whatever reason, I couldn't ignore it and I wasn't getting used to it.
we changed it.
We changed it to Canyon.
the name on our list that we were liked but knew that many people wouldn't like.
Some might even hate it.
It's a little hippie, a little earthy, a little bit not the norm.
It's our little boy's name.
I think it's a cute, masculine and most importantly, it fits him and feels better.  
Besides, who doesn't love a beautiful canyon?
And since I'm fairly confident he'll be cute, kind and an all around incredible boy, I'm thinking his name will grow on those that aren't fans of it right now.

We're applying for his birth certificate and passport this week.  After that any changes will be REALLY difficult, so this name is going to stick.
I told Asher he could call him whatever he wants, and if he wants to call him Brady it's fine with me.  I also told him he now has the initials CCC so with 3 C's he could call him C3PO.  He said "oh yes, that's just the name I wanted!"
and you know what?
just tonight he asked:
"why is C3PO crying?"
I think that name might stick too.

Asher and Ivy checking out their brother for the first time about 6 hours after birth.

I waited to post this because I need to upload and take more photos. 
More pictures coming soon for inquiring minds- this is all I had from this camera upload- sorry.


  1. Congrats Toria - and I think Canyon is VERY cute... and 3CPO is precious :)

    Since you probably have no idea who I am... I'm a friend of John and Annie's from high school (Lisa Allen then). The Clason's are one of my favorite families ever and I love keeping up on the brood! Tell John I said hello and congrats again to your whole family! - Lisa

  2. Welcome to the Canyonlands!

    Canyon has already grown on me. Good job changing it!

  3. I know of two other Canyons, spelled with a K--so I think it's great. Hope everyone is doing well.

  4. C3PO is awesome and just what Abel would call his brother. When can we get those 2 boys together?

    I'm glad you feel better about the name, Toria. That's important.

    Looking forward to more pictures! But, remember, you did just have a baby so don't worry about your blog fans. We can be patient.

  5. Love the pics, he looks like your others and is so cute! I really like the new name (of course, I liked the old too!)! You definitely need to go with what feels right. To this day we rarely call our Brady by his name, we all call him "B". Anyway, hope you are doing well!

  6. I say if you don't feel right about it, go right ahead and change it, it's weird in general to name a kid, so you have to feel like it fits them, remember Katie changed Walker's name too. Good call, Canyon is fun, and he won't have anyone else in his class with his name.

  7. You guys are hilarious! I love that you changed it. Won't it be funny to watch him grow up and you will probably think, "I'm so glad we went with Canyon."

  8. I personally think Canyon is much better than Brady. But I absolutely LOVE C3PO. Congratulations! I can't wait to meet C3PO in person. Love you and I send you a speedy recovery to your old body and baby sleeping through the night very soon blessings upon your head.

  9. Congratulations John and Toria! I love Canyon for two reasons 1. It rhymes with our last name and 2. it's my nephew's name (Dane and Karen's youngest boy).

  10. When you first announced his name as Brady, I thought -- wow, that is such a plain and common name for those wonderfully unique, world-traveling Clasons -- I absolutely adore the names Asher and Ivy. And now, Canyon. I love it. So much better than Brady. I commend your courage to change it! Welcome to the world, Canyon!!!

  11. So happy for you guys. Congrats. I had a weird dream that we came to visit you. I love the name. And who cares if others don't. You are the one who lives with the little guy.

  12. I love the name Canyon. You Clasons are such trendsetters when it comes to names... just wait and see. C3PO... man I miss Asher.

  13. John and Toria,
    That is great, the boys love C3PO
    We are excited for you and can't wait until our paths cross again.

    Barry, Shannon, Jared, Payton, Liza, Sienna, and Briley

  14. love it. So different, so unique. perfect for your sweet little family. You never fail to impress! :)

  15. Peter was just glad you didn't name him Dasher, so you picked a winner in his book! :) My brother had a friend growing up named Canyon. He is so cute!!

  16. Haiti and C3PO? Love that little Asher. We were all sitting around the other night discussing Canyon and we have decided that his name can only mean he will ALWAYS be super cool and hip. How can it not? We love you guys and can't wait to meet CCC!

  17. So cute! Love the name. I think he looks more like a Canyon, too.

  18. I love it, I hadn't heard Brady yet, and when you wrote it I had the exact same impression. I like that name, but is that REALLY Toria's son's name? Didn't feel right. Canyon is perfect, and it'll grow on the skeptics, like you said.
    kids screaming, gotta run, will write soon!

  19. lovin' his name, toria. hope you all are doing great/recovering well. can't wait to see more pics of canyon.

  20. Wait! What is the second C? Beautiful Boy! Congrats!

  21. I think canyon fits in better with your other kids names as well. I always have a hard time deciding names. I like them to "match" the kid and so we go in with a list-- I also am an advocate for a little bit on the different side names as well. WELCOME CANYON!

  22. I think the name Canyon is totally fits with Asher and Ivy! We did get your Christmas card, no worries. I'm glad you got ours...I wasn't sure where to send it, but figured you'd be stopping by Ashland at some point. I hope you're feeling well and recovery is going smoothly.

  23. I like the name Canyon. It's Dane's son's name, and one of my favorite name choices they have for their kids. I had a similar experience naming our brand new little girl. My husband announced her name as Paisli Taya, then I had second thoughts and wanted to flip the two, then I wanted to change the spelling. I ended up keeping it in the end, but it took me adjusting to the spelling of Paisli instead of Paisley. I like your switch. Canyon is cuter than Brady.

  24. Canyon... for sure a hip name. He will uber cool just like his parents! I mean, who wants to find their name on every keychain at every tourist site? Not my kiddos. And C3pO? Probably the best nickname ever! Congrats ! Your little guy is adorable!

  25. Love it Toria!! I think Canyon is so cute and I can't wait to see more pictures.

  26. T, John and Family...
    Congrats on the new addition to the fam. Wow T, 8 pounds! You and John make way cute kids!
    We love you guys!

  27. Congratulations. Another beautiful, brilliant Clason to grace the world. You guys are magic. Keep 'em coming!

  28. Congratulations to your family!!
    take good care,Toria!