Friday, September 12, 2008

the last 4 weeks (and then some)

Because I have such a hard time playing catch up when writing about past events

and because this song (see video* below) is stuck in my head too many hours of the day,
and because I like lists and having an outline to organize my thoughts, 

I'm going to be using the number FOUR to help me report on the 4 weeks that I spent with the kids in the USA!

here's the song:

first report:

After a week in Moscow I flew with the kids to Salt Lake City.  We flew from Russia to Georgia* and then on to Utah. Counting driving to and from the airports, one 11 hour flight, one 3.5 hour flight, and a 2 hour layover= twenty-4 hours total travel time.
*(I thought that sounded a little more edgy to not use the city names considering the political climate, but really the flight was from Moscow, Russia to Atlanta, Georgia.)

The flights and airports went very well- amazingly well.
4 possible reasons:
  1. I am a super mom that can handle anything
  2. I have amazing kids who are well behaved and just wanted to make their mother happy and calm.
  3. there were LOTS of prayers on our behalf from family and friends and John and myself.
  4. luck.

We slept in four different houses:
  1. Annie Jordan and cousin H in Utah for a few nights, then on to 
  2. Nana and Grandpa in Oregon (with my 4 sisters in law and all 4 grandkids together)
  3. Grandma and Grandpa in Arizona
  4. Quinn and Cameron in Utah again.
more about each of our stops over the 4 weeks and some other random thoughts, to come- later.

*special thanks to my SIL Emily for introducing us to this Sesame Street video, Ivy loves it and I think it's pretty cute too, although, like I said, the song has been perpetually stuck in my head.  If you have the same experience, thank Emily, not me :)

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  1. glad you made it back safe! You're quite the world traveler, it was fun to be able to see you if only for a few hours!