Thursday, July 31, 2008

off to Russia!

We're taking off to see Moscow for a week My friend Brittany laughed at me when I wrote that we were going on a "little vacation to Russia"
Wish me luck navigating the city without knowing a word of Russian! John will be with us to hang out and check things out on the weekend and then I'll do some exploring and entertaining with the kids for a few days so he can get some work done. We're staying downtown close to Red Square, the Kremlin, St. Basils and that's about all I know- oh and the Bolshoi theater although I don't think we'll catching a ballet this time around. I'm mostly excited to escape the heat of Dubai for a week, breath some fresh cool air and eat some fresh produce- mmmmm! More when we return.


  1. Oh hey, by the way, this could be worth checking out (and maybe even adding to) while you're in Moscow:

    If that link doesn't work just Google "Trees of Love - Moscow".

  2. you're the only friend I have that takes off for a week to Russia. I don't think John is in the CIA anymore, I just think your family is like The Incredibles, you always were stretchy!

  3. We can't wait to hear about your adventures to Russia. Hope you have a wonderful time and are feeling good.

  4. I am due the 7th but my other have been induced up to a week early, so we'll see when with this one. I'm thinking around the 3 or 4th. What are the chances, Barry, John and Dusty having babies all within 6 weeks?

  5. So FUN!! We wish you guys were coming to Brussels too, but we know it would have been tricky. We can't wait to catch up with you guys in Arizona.

    Also, CONGRATULATIONS about being preggers!! I'm so excited for you guys!! You are braver than I am. We have sort of started thinking about #3, but plans are definitely not concrete yet. I want to pick your brain about it. I think I'm going to email you...