Tuesday, June 10, 2008

look who's standing

Ivy has been pulling herself up on things, but just in the past two weeks is finally standing on her own.  It's so cute- she seems so proud of herself and likes to squat and stand and exercise those quad muscles.  Unfortunately, I've tried multiple times to take pictures and videos and she comes crawling right for the camera. I managed to grab a couple.  I think she'll be walking by the end of the month.
She's been practicing by pushing things around or holding Dad's hands (I'll upload video soon.)  

We're proud of our little Ivy-licious!

Yes, she's 14 months old- not an early walker, but I don't mind a bit.  In her own time- just like Asher who wasn't really walking on his own until 16 months. It means she'll be smart right?

she's also developed a fascination with shoes- hence the cowboy boots- more on that in another post.


  1. the cowboy boot pic is hilarious, toatlly looks like a sexy pose, what do they teach you westerners in those Arabic countries? Trying to hold on to your western roots?

  2. too cute - love the boots - do you have a matching pair?

    zachy didn't walk until 16-17 months. remember what happens after they start walking? CLIMBING!!

  3. Love the boots, love her little booty! She is getting so big!

  4. How cute your family is. What are you doing in Dubai anyway?!

  5. i love the picture of asher in the background taking a picture! and the boots, love 'em. i want a pair myself. noah is still in that phase. for awhile it was these big yellow rain boots. he just grew out of them and has graduated to cowboy boots.

  6. I can't believe how grown up she is! Give her a hug from H!

  7. I love her boot's! Be prepared, the shoe fettish only get's worse and it won't end any time soon!

    I made my blog private but I can't find your email address. What is is?

  8. I love the red boots. Kenna had a red pair around the same age. She is getting big.

  9. It looks like I'm not the only one loving the red boots - way too cute! Ivy is such a cutie and I'm sure Asher makes you laugh daily with his antics. I'm starting to enter that phase with Amelia - it's so fun to see their little personalities develop. Hope all is well in Dubai!

  10. Four of my five were late, late walkers and they are all brilliant and perfect in every way so I'm sure Ivy is on the right path.

    Love the bidet as a sink!

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