Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We can just call it a lake.

So we finally made it to the beach.  It's super close (maybe a kilometer away) and I can't believe it took me so long to get there.  My excuses were a) too tired and b) so much work to lug all our stuff to only stay for an hour or so.  Well, we're not tired anymore and it's not like the U.S. where the beaches are crowded and you have to lug all your stuff.  Here you can just park on the beach right next to where you want to play, or pay a couple bucks and go to a beach with lounge chairs, umbrellas, and a playground right there (we haven't made it to that one yet).  It was great! 

We have already visited twice this week.  I hope to go more before the weather is too hot. We went Sunday night with another American family we met here in our apartments, and then I 
went back with the kids on Tuesday morning.  There are so many seashells, Asher had a great time collecting once he realized that there weren't critters living inside.  (the first night the Dads caught lots of crabs).  Collecting shells- correction, seashells, ("shells are like macaroni Mom, these are seashells") was right up Asher's alley. There is such an abundance and variety it was fun to give him little "assignments" and have him go to work. (ie, look for a white one shaped like a little cone or look for a bumpy one with orange on it).

Here's a taste of our conversation on the way home from the beach.
Asher: "mom, why are they called seashells, does seashells start with C?"
me: "No, sound it out, what does ssss-seashells start with?
Asher:"ohhh, S.  that's tricky. Mom, why are they called C-shells when they start with S?" 
Me: "Cuz it's not the letter C, sometimes we call the ocean the sea"
Asher: "what? that's tricky too. Ocean.  I don't really like that word Ocean. We can just call it the beach."
Me: "ya, but the beach is the sandy part, the ocean is the water."
Asher: "We can just call it a lake."
Me: "but it's not a lake Asher, lakes don't have beaches and seashells" 
Asher: "Mom, don't worry about it.  We can just call it a Lake. It's ok, don't worry.  Ok?  Don't worry mom. We'll just call it a lake."

He was being so serious and so funny, I didn't argue.  I also didn't bother to explain to him that it's actually neither a lake or ocean, but rather, a gulf.

This leads me to another interesting discovery I had today.  This gulf that I've always called the Persian Gulf, is not the Persian Gulf according every map and sign I've looked at here in Dubai. It's called the Arabian Gulf. Apparently the other Arab nations that border this gulf feel the same way.  Why give any name recognition to Iran  when how many Arab nations border this gulf? Persia is outnumbered.

Don't worry though, we can just call it a lake.

*the cranes/ buildings you see out in the water are at work on one of the Palm Island developments.  This is the smallest of the 3 palms.  If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, I'll try and write a future post about it or just check discovery channel to see if they are showing "Impossible Islands" anytime soon.  


  1. You can also see the palm islands on GoogleEarth as well as the islands that are being made into a map of the earth.

  2. It is nice to finally meet an LDS family in Dubai. We are considering moving to Dubai and would love to talk with you about your experience and the Church in Dubai. Could you please email me at cbstephenson@hotmail.com? Thanks

  3. Jealous!!!! I dream of warmth and beaches! The Colorado desert is getting old.

  4. I love that little Asher and his comments. He is so smart and super funny!

  5. I love reading all about your experiences in Dubai. Great posts. Apparently, I haven't checked your blog in a while but it seems like you guys are adjusting well. I wish I could be there with you to discover new things and have awesome experiences but for now, I guess I'll have to live vicariously. I think if we ever moved there, I would only want to fly there and back one time. It doesn't seem like a very fun experience. Anyway, we need to do webcam soon. I don't know how the time compares...I'll have to look that up so that we can set a time. I miss you guys.

  6. man i LOVE these asher conversations!

  7. Asher is so smart, Ivy just sits there taking it all in I bet. I am sure she will have a unique take on things too! I am so glad you have settled and met some friends. It looks beautiful there- wish I could come swim in the lake with Ash! Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday- it was fun being a princess for a day. Love and miss you

  8. Toria, that has got to be the most beautiful water I have ever seen! What a fun adventure you guys are on...
    We miss you guys and hope everyone's adjusting well to Dubai.

  9. I really do think Abel and Asher were made from the same mold. That is a very funny conversation...and similar to what we have around our house.

    The 'lake' beach looks gorgeous. I'm jealous...it's still cold here in MN.

  10. It's so beautiful. And I could just eat Ivy up ... look at those rolls in that suit! Way to work it!

  11. hey guys!!! i am so glad to hear from you and totally shocked to hear where you are!! oh my goodness, what an awesome adventure. and, i have to say your kids are so dang adorable. asher has changed so much...darling!
    i will be reading your blog often, now that i know about it! :)

  12. Hey there, I just wanted to let you know I got your email! Loved how you did it! LoL I wondered why the first one didn't work!You're pictures are amazing. I would love to sit and scrapbook with you one day!Love ya much and miss you guys, wish we could have gotten together more often!

  13. Oh, what I wouldn't give for Ivy's thighs (on Lucy, that is). That is a healthy girl! She is so cute. It reminded me of Waengersheek, wasn't that one of your best days ever? I love that memory.

  14. Asher is so cute and sounds like a fun kid to talk to. Our oldest is the same that way...once he's made up in his mind what something is or what it should be called, you can't convince him otherwise.
    Wish we could be on the beach, too!

  15. It looks soo dreamy and FUN! Where did you get the swimsuit?! Happy birthday chunkaroo!

  16. okay so how did I not make the connection that your AZ/desert type weather also included a beach and ocean (lake, so cute)? That's totally better! Look at you talking in kilometers already. Looks like fun, Asher is too cute and maybe a little too smart for his own good.

  17. We met tons of people from Dubai in the Maldives. It made me think of you. We will back in your neck of the woods next spring. We should plan to meet up somewhere. so many places to travel in Asia etc. so little time. :) Glad you are getting settled in. I can't wait to read about your adventures!