Thursday, March 13, 2008

the great outdoors- indoors.

Asher has been a very good boy lately. Especially considering he doesn't really know where home is, he's been missing his dad for over a month, and he's had to endure way too many "errands" for one week.  In an attempt to add a little more testosterone to his life, during a day full of errands we took a trip to the rugged, outdoor, store Cabellas.  I didn't need anything there, I didn't buy anything there, but we spent over an hour there.  We were checking out the fish tanks, feeding the fish, riding the escalator, playing with rifles, tasting free samples of fudge and just enjoying the great outdoors!  He loved it!  not bad for a city kid!


  1. Hey, i just found your blog, through Monica and then Julee. It's a small world. Kenna asks about Asher all the time. good luck with the move.

  2. I have to say that Abel has the Mr. Funny t-shirt. We really need to get those 2 boys together.

    I hope all is going well in Dubai. Hope you get back online soon.