Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Til we meet again.

I remember being 18 years old and visiting Utah for General Conference with all of 16-18 year olds in my ward in Arizona.  That was the Conference session where we sustained Gordon B. Hinckley as the prophet.  I think that experience combined with him being the leader of my church for my "on my own" years were huge contributors to the love i have for this man.  He's so funny and wise and I love to hear his counsel. I have lots of little notes here and there from various times where I've heard him speak or read his words.  His is a wonderful man and I will miss him.  I love him and sustain him as a prophet of God.


  1. I absolutely love that picture of him. It's so unique. A friend of mine received it as an 8x10 for Christmas this year. I'm determined to make a copy of it for myself.

  2. Hello
    Great photo.

    Did you have Bro. Brady as your Seminary teacher? I went to Moon valley class of 94. You look very familiar?

  3. I'm sure we know each other, cuz I went to Thunderbird class of 95. I had Livingstone for seminary. my e-mail is I'm not sure if you're a familiar face or not.

  4. ok, i can place your name easier than your face- you were one of the "skater boys" who hung out in the back of the dance. Friends with Nate (can't think of his last name) too? or the twins sam and brigham?

  5. That would be me. Wow, scary thought of what I looked like back then. LOL. Was Shelby one of your friends? I think the peices are coming together. I Pole vaulted for MV. Were you on the track team?

    My e-mail:

    p.s. You have an adorable family.