Friday, January 18, 2008

back to my roots...

this is a long one, sorry.
We've had a great time in Arizona. Besides sitting around and doing nothing, we enjoyed:

  • a brief visit with Quinn and Cameron (my brother and his wife, she never reads my blog so I thought I'd post this flattering shot)
  • a trip to the train park in Scottsdale where Asher was re-united with Bennett (one of his best friends from Boston) and his namesake baby Asher (Bennett's baby brother). The reuniting ended in blood as Bennett split his head open on the "stage coach train." Asher has told the story many times since.
  • ringing in the New Year by watching a movie and going to bed. (Will anything ever be more fun than the Multi-Stake new years eve dances at our church???) OK, check back, because I think I need to find, scan, and post a picture of us at one such dance.
  • many trips to the park ie. swings.
  • shopping (what's a trip to Arizona without a visit to Last Chance and/or a new pair of shoes?)
  • getting together with a few old friends (and wishing that everyone still lived in Moon Valley or within a 15 minute drive so I could have seen more)
  • dental work for free (thanks to my Dad and Kelly his hygienist)
  • golfing, I mean miniature golf, and bumper boats and race cars (now when was the last time you did THAT?)
  • backyard campfires.
  • dying my hair- hence the title of this post. Aren't I clever with the play on words? (I'm a brunette now- kinda an impulsive change, but I'm getting used to it and so are the kids. I think I'll keep it a while)
  • getting family pictures (thanks to almost all the AZ girls on my blog, I was introduced to Jamie Hammond who was SO KIND to do a photo session for us. She's not only kind, she was extremely patient and a fabulous photographer.)

  • AND finalizing our plans for 2008 (and beyond.) John accepted a job offer with an International Real Estate development firm based out of Dubai. We'll soon be busy packing up and movin' out. John is set to start the first week in February and I plan on following with the kids, a few weeks later.
And although it's not Thanksgiving, it is "Thankful Thursday" according to my friend Jacque. Today I want to share my THANKS for the internet; for e-mail, for blogs, for digital pictures and video sharing, for webcam chats, for instant messages, for all the things that allow me to feel connected to friends and family, to you! While I'm thankful today for those things, I am sure I will rely on them EVEN MORE as we make this move.


  1. it's been so good seeing you and your cute kids! i love your jamie hammond pics, by the way. i saw them on her blog. and your hair looks really cute dark.

    i'm so sad you'll be moving soon, but like you said, thank goodness for blogs and all the things that keep us connected! love you, toria!

  2. T.C., it was so fun to see you, call me when you come back because I probably won't be making it to Dubai for a visit! I'm heading over to Jamie Hammond right now to check you out. I must say though that I'm loving the new hair color, really it's so cute.

  3. Wow- Dubai! Congratulations. Sounds like an adventure. I love your hair- it looks so good. I can't believe how big Asher is. Ivy is sure cute!

  4. Are you serious, Toria? Wow. My best friend here just had her in-laws living there for the past 2 years. I can get info if you want. They came back this summer. He was working for a university there. They held sacrament meetings in their living room. My friend and her family went out for a visit a year ago or so. How long do you plan on living there?

    On another note, I like your family picture and your hair. Isn't it great to get a good family picture?

  5. Congratulations on the job and the exotic locale! We'll be sure to check in with your blog even more often. We miss you guys and are excited for you and this new adventure!

    PS: Blondes aren't the only ones that have more fun!

  6. I just almost started crying when I read the end of your blog. We're going to miss you guys so much. I'm so glad that we could get together in AZ. Who knows where we'll see each other next but hopefully it will be soon. I love your family picture, by the way. Your hair is sooooooo cute. I love you Clasons.

  7. Wow - your hair looks sooo different. But I really like it. John's hair looks the same - hehe. Ivy is adorable - such a Clason and Asher looks so old. Tell John good luck in Dubai getting started at his new job. You should fly through Boston for a few days on your way to Dubai.

  8. Congrats on the job offer! I am sorry we missed you guys this time. We saw everyone else I think! LOL! Buster passed away this week so it's been hard and wierd. Dubai?! I had to look it up on the link! Close to Saudi?! you guys be careful ok! You've been to Saudi I know. Hope it's a wonderful experience. Hope we can see you before you go!

  9. So glad we could see you before you make your BIG move! Good luck with everything and keep us all posted!

  10. toria, i'm just getting caught up reading everyone's blogs, so it's been a while since i've made a comment . . . but your pictures from your time in arizona are so cute! your kids are so adorable, and i love your hair. :) i hope your move goes well! :)

  11. Hey Toria, it was so good to see you, we'll have to try and get together again when you come back, we should try to hook up with some H.S. friends. I forgot to tell you I saw Lindsay, she works at Phoenix Childrens. Let me know when you come back and we can try and get a hold of some of them.
    Cute family picture!

  12. DUBAI! I seriously want to go see the islands shaped like the continents and the giant sailboat hotel. Can we come visit this summer? I bet flights from Europe to Dubai are cheaper than from the states. hmmm...
    You look smokin' with the new hair! Love it!

  13. Toria- Dubai and Dark hair (BTW I LOVE it)!! I need top get some more spice in my life!!! Dan would have to say amen to the dances on New years. next time you are in Phoenix maybe we can PLAN big Get together to see more people at once. I also know what it is like to get all the quality fam time too--Thank heavens for BLOGS! Good luck and keep us posted!

  14. Your hair looks fantastic - it is inspiring me to make a change... we will see. I love you guys!

  15. Dubai! That is crazy! You guys are going to have such an adventure. Congrats on getting to have some fun. I am definately glad for blogs and electronic communication, that way we can live vicariously though you!

  16. Toria and John,
    CONGRATS! I'm really excited for you guys! Hope it's a really great experience for all of you, which I'm sure it will be. You're just the type of people to make the best of where you are!
    Love, Veronica
    P.S., I'm having a girl! :)