Friday, May 18, 2007

Forecast is unpredictable

So the weather this week was supposed to be 80 and partly cloudy, however it's raining outside and probably a bit closer to upper 50's to mid 60's (i've never been good at guessing the temperature thing). I'm not complaining, just a bit shocked at how wrong the meteorologist was even an hour before I headed outside (to play in the sprinkling rain and clouds because Asher could care less). I am anxious for some hot beach weather, but since we don't have an airconditioner in our apartment yet, and I have yet to experience a dreaded New England summer, I'm happy that it's feeling like a cool, breezy and wet spring and I'm content to wait for it to warm up!
This is my first blog post and I'm hoping to enjoy becoming a contributer to the blogging world. Up until now I've just enjoyed looking at everyone elses and catching up on friends lives. I've also managed to link to a few friends from back in the day who may not even remember me and that's been kinda fun too. I rarely read much unless there are photos attached. I also never leave comments but I don't have an excuse there. I was about to refer to myself as a blog voyeur but when I went to figure out how to spell voyeur and read the definition I realized that I am definitely NOT a voyeur and I'm glad that I didn't know how to spell it or I may have just made myself sound like a real sicko! Anyway, maybe I'll start leaving more comments on other blogs now that I'm starting a blog myself.
This week is my first full week on my own as a new mother of 2. Ivy was five weeks old yesterday and although I've been on my own here and there, I had my mom in town for the first two weeks then a week break and then my mother-in-law was here for another 10 days. So far so good. I know that Asher misses Grandma and Nana or "Anna" but he's surviving and so am I. The next unpredictable forcast is what's gonna happen around here when John takes off for China and leaves us alone for 2 weeks. Thankfully I've got Dianna (one of my best friends/ college roommate/ currently lives in DC and just got her Masters degree- congrats!)coming to hang out and help out. I've also got my brother Dustin and his wife Cadence slated for a visit and Cassi (my sister) possibly flying out, so it may not be 2 weeks on my own after all, but it sounds more dramatic to have the element of unprectability.
The final unpredictable forecast I have to mention is our life beyond August 1st. John finishes up his Masters degree later this summer and July 31st is the move out date that we turned into student housing. We know we're moving out, we just don't know where. Originally we were both planning for the western US, but lately John has even been looking into some overseas adventures. I'm up for whatever- I know we'll find something great. For now, I'm just taking things week by week and only paying slight attention to the forecast.